‘Sweetest big brother ever’: Boy gifts sneakers to his younger sibling after getting first salary – The Indian Express

When people start their first job and get their first salary, they want to gift something to their loved ones. In an emotional moment captured on camera, a boy gifted his younger brother a pair of brand-new sneakers and socks bought with his first paycheque.
A video of the heart-warming moment was shared on the Instagram page Good News Movement on Thursday. The clip begins with the boy waking up his younger brother who was sleeping on a bed. He hands his younger sibling a box. Opening the box and discovering the sneakers, the boy got up from the bed and gave his elder brother a hug.
“Using proceeds from the first paycheck from his first job ever, this brother gifts his younger sibling brand new socks & sneakers. An emotional surprise,” reads the caption.
Watch the video below:
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The clip has amassed more than two million views since being posted and melted the hearts of netizens.
“Sweetest big brother ever,” commented a user. “Beautiful beautiful beautiful,” said another. “I did the same thing for my younger sister and it felt so good. Its not that we didn’t have what we needed but I always felt she deserved more,” shared another netizen.
“Love this so much. A truly massive deal for both brothers. We so take it for granted with the excesses many of the privileged buy every day without thought that THIS is so appreciated and loved,” wrote yet another individual.
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