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—Crenshaw: LA-rapper Feezy LeBron was reportedly sitting in his car when a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy rolled up on him and threatened to shoot him in the chest. “If you don’t listen you’re done,” the deputy can be heard saying. “If you pull some bullshit, you’re going to take one to the chest.” [Sahra Sulaiman/Twitter]
—Los Angeles: At least seven Los Angeles Police Officers were arrested for suspicion of drunk driving over the holidays. “Unfortunately, the recent arrests are in addition to the many other alcohol and drug-related incidents involving our department personnel throughout the year,” the LAPD’s Professional Standards Bureau wrote in a bulletin. [LAT]
California: We’re facing a “life-threatening” storm surge beginning tomorrow. In Southern California, expect continuous rain for most of Wednesday and Thursday. Lower elevations could see between two-to-five inches of rain, while the mountains could see nearly 10 inches. [LAT]
Mid-City: The body of a 20-year-old man was found outside of L.A.High this morning. It’s unclear how the man died. [NBC 4]
—South Los Angeles: A fundraiser was held for Elyzza Guajaca, a woman in her 20s who was killed by a driver during a “street takeover” on Christmas night. [ABC]
Mono Lake: Environmentalists are trying to prevent the City of Los Angeles from importing water from Mono Lake. The group argues that coyotes will soon be able to access islands on the lake that support one of the world’s largest gull populations due to drought conditions. [LAT]
Downtown: A pallet of hand sanitizer caught on fire last night, resulting in HAZMAT teams being called to DTLA. [CBS]

Academy award nominee, Jeremey Renner, was in critical but stable condition after surviving a serious “snow-plowing incident” on Sunday. After being airlifted to the hospital, Renner underwent surgery on Monday and is currently recovering. [TMZ]
LA Metro took in more money in sales tax revenue than expected while spending less than forecasted. [@numble/Twitter]
—Condo prices are much more resistant to price contractions than single-family home prices, showing that homebuyers are moving away from increasingly unaffordable houses and opting for the more budget-friendly alternative—condos.[Point2Homes]
In your headline news about the LA County Sheriff deputy comment, the picture of the law enforcement officer is an LAPD officer not LASD officer.
Take one in the chest? The L. A. County Sheriff’s are a joke. They have their cliques and do drugs plus drink heavily and drive. I have been witness to this. From securing drugs for some to knowing how they drink heavily and drive. It’s true. They also feel they’re above the law. The feds should watch them like a hawk. If they do the bad ones will get caught. But they will not be prosecuted just as the rich are not. These actions run in every part of society. It’s not only cops. It’s politicians, doctor’s, teachers, workers and many jobs you would not think these actions taken place. Our society is scourged with these problems. Even soldiers in war drink and do drugs. No one is safe or secluded from this scourge of poison. Some just take longer to get caught. And for most it is to late when they are caught, the damage is done.
They cant get the agency correct
This terrible misinformation. Crenshaw is part of Los Angeles City, therefore the Sheriff’s don’t even patrol that area. The person pictured isn’t even a Sheriff’s deputy. That would be LAPD. This moronic rapper can’t even get basic info right and it’s quite sad that you guys at LA TACO even ran with this fake story.
did you see the video?
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