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Nature lovers tend to gaze at the sky and get enamoured by the shock and awe that is served there every minute. If one failed to step out and watch the sunset in Bengaluru on Wednesday, it was indeed a loss. Leaving internet users spellbound, Auditya Venkatesh, a photographer, has shared a timelapse video showcasing sunset witnessed in Bengaluru.
The clip shows a plane hovering in the air with the sun, which seems to be a ball of fire, in the backdrop. As the aircraft passes in front of the sun, it renders a breathtaking view.
“A beautiful sunset in Benguluru today :),” Venkatesh captioned the clip. The photographer from Bengaluru often shares amazing glimpses of nature, intriguing his followers. Since being shared on Wednesday, the clip has amassed more than 84,000 views on Twitter.
A beautiful sunset in Benguluru today 🙂 pic.twitter.com/2gDOlJecgi
— Auditya Venkatesh (@AudiPhotography) January 4, 2023
The short clip left Twitter users amazed and praises poured in the comments section. A user commented, “Wow.. beautifully captured.” Another user wrote, “A wide-eyed WOW!! When are you going to lower your standards?” A third user commented, “almost feels like the sun’s refractive i slows down the plane.”
How beautiful is this 💛💛💛 https://t.co/8Wej341756
— Kamakshi Pant (@kamakshipant) January 5, 2023
Wow.. beautifully captured 👌🏻
— Sujay (@sujaysj) January 4, 2023
Brilliant.. it needs its own BGM 🔥
— Jay Shankar (@jazzyoyeah) January 4, 2023
almost feels like the sun’s refractive i slows down the plane
— Pratik (@_pratikpakhale) January 4, 2023
Last year, business tycoon Anand Mahindra sparked Twitter user’s interest with a beautiful photograph of a sunset in Alibaug. The Mahindra and Mahindra Chairman compared the view with a Mark Rothko painting and several users from different parts of the world started sharing their glimpses of sunset.
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