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The kingdom’s transformation has huge implications for the United States and Middle East.
Martin Luther King Jr.’s critique of capitalism was central to his civil rights campaign from the start.
Chinese domestic instability could encourage the CCP to attack the Taiwanese archipelagos of Kinmen and Matsu.
A backup supply of electrical grid equipment is needed to defend against grid attacks at home and make Ukraine more resilient in the face of Russian strikes.
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1. Right-wing rioters in which country staged their own version of the Jan. 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol insurrection on Sunday?
Although the revolt by supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro failed to remove newly inaugurated President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva from office, it revealed the strength and reach of Brazil’s far right, FP’s Catherine Osborn writes.
2. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak came under fire this week after he refused to disclose what information to the public?
Last year’s tax forms
His birth certificate
Proof he received a university diploma
Whether he uses private health insurance
Sunak’s secrecy comes amid a crisis in Britain’s National Health Service. FP’s Sasha Polakow-Suransky highlighted Downing Street’s tumultuous 2022—and the many challenges Sunak faces—last month.
3. Chinese President Xi Jinping claims only 120,000 people have tested positive for COVID-19 since he removed China’s zero-COVID restrictions last December. But local officials beg to differ. According to their figures, how many people have been infected in Henan province alone since zero-COVID was retired?
570,000 people
3 million people
52 million people
88.5 million people
China’s botched COVID-19 response damaged the country’s once seemingly unshakable leadership, FP’s Howard W. French argued last month.
4. On Tuesday, the United Nations published a report saying 5 million children worldwide died before their fifth birthday in 2021. Children born in sub-Saharan Africa are how many times more likely to die in childhood than those born in Europe or North America?
2 times
9 times
15 times
23 times
Africa would benefit from improved public health policies and infrastructure to lower death rates, FP’s Adam Tooze argued in May 2022.
5. Also on Tuesday, the Wagner Group, a private Russian military contractor, claimed control of which town in eastern Ukraine—marking Moscow’s first breakthrough in the region in months?
The Wagner Group’s founder, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has a history of funding complex schemes to advance Russian President Vladimir Putin’s geopolitical goals, FP’s Amy Mackinnon reported last October.
6. Myanmar launched at least two bombs into Indian territory on Wednesday to crack down on pro-democracy forces along the nation’s border. When did Myanmar’s military overthrow the country’s democratically elected government in a coup?
August 2020
February 2021
June 2022
December 2022
Since then, the international community has failed to protect the Myanmar public against systemic violence, Wai Wai Nu wrote on the coup’s first anniversary.
7. Which European country goes to the polls on Friday to elect a new president?
Czech Republic
Russia’s war in Ukraine has changed the politics of Central European countries like the Czech Republic, FP’s Caroline de Gruyter argued in August 2022.
8. French First Lady Brigitte Macron and French Education Minister Pap Ndiaye butted heads this week over which proposed education reform?
Mandatory school uniforms
Required English lessons in schools
Free lunches offered to all students
Year-round schooling
Macron is in favor of the proposal, whereas Ndiaye opposes it. The appointment of Ndiaye as France’s first Black education minister last year sparked criticism in a nation that prides itself on its supposedly colorblind politics, J. Alex Tarquinio wrote at the time.
9. Facing mounting inflation, Argentine artist Sergio Guillermo Diaz has begun painting on what national symbol to turn a profit?
Argentine pesos
Maté tea thermoses
Argentine flags
Lionel Messi jerseys
“Once I paint on [the largest denominated bill], I can sell it for much more than what the bill is worth,” Diaz told Reuters. Argentina’s annual inflation was nearly 100 percent in 2022.
10. This month, Bolivia’s state airline used what unorthodox method to locate a passenger’s cat when it went missing in transit?
Calling in the Bolivian Army to search
Hiring a team of private detectives to investigate
Enlisting an animal psychic to track the animal down
Stripping the plane of its parts to ensure the cat wasn’t inside
The “interspecies communicator” was unable to find Tito the cat after a week of searching—but did say he was alive, the Guardian reported.
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Alexandra Sharp is a deputy copy editor at Foreign Policy. Twitter: @AlexandraSSharp
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