Man escapes blast as pile driver digs through gas line – The Indian Express

Construction activities like digging or creating a pit using heavy-duty machines might seem like an efficient way to speed up construction. And, construction workers need to be careful while using such machines.
A now-viral video shows a man without any safety gear escaping a blast while using a pile driver. The man is seen using the pile driver on what appears to be plain ground near a building. After a few seconds of using the machine, a blast occurs that shakes the whole machinery and large gusts of gas erupt from the ground.
The man operating the machine is thrown away and fortunately, escapes the blast.
It appears that the blast took place because the machine broke into an underground gas pipe.
Pile-driving a fence post into a gas main 🤦‍♂️
— That Looked Expensive (@LookedExpensive) November 16, 2022
This video, which appeared to be CCTV footage, was shared online by the popular Twitter page That Looked Expensive (@LookedExpensive). The 34-second video has over 49,000 likes.
Commenting on it, a Twitter user wrote, “Could’ve gone a lot worse tbh. Always remember “call before you dig” to make sure where the gas lines n all that”. Another person said, “Lucky, Imagine if there was a spark at the right moment!”.
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