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Basically just your FYP in shoppable form.
Interior design inspo exists on every social media platform, but there’s just something special about TikTok. Maybe it’s the fact that the app is dominating the scene these days (I low-key forget other apps exist rn)—or perhaps it’s just because so many interior experts and stylish folks show off their homes in videos set to catchy pop music. Either way, TikTok has become a go-to source for all things home decor.
Of course, among these interior accounts are particular pieces that stand out (and go seriously viral). You’ve probably seen ’em floating around on your FYP, making the rounds from influencer to influencer. But honestly, when you’re mindlessly scrolling in the early hours of the morning, it’s easy to forget to make a note of where you can actually buy this viral TikTok room decoror even which exact items you desperately wanted for your own home (before accidentally falling asleep with the light on).
Lucky for you, all the cute room decor picks that are trending on le TikTok right now can be found below. If you weren’t already planning to redecorate your entire home, you’re going to want to after seeing all these v cool options. The people on this app have some good taste, folks.
It’s a clock! It’s a mirror! It’s a charger! This pick is one of TikTok’s most viral items, and for good reason.
Bubble candles are popping off these days. And thankfully, they look so chic on coffee tables, desks, and nightstands alike.
A home decor trend that never gets old? Mirrors in funky shapes. They’re such an easy way to add functional whimsy to your space.
A vase worthy of your plant babies—and IG feed. 
A sleek combo of ’90s rom-com aesthetic and mid-century charm, this faux-leather chair is bound to be the perfect accent piece in any room.
TikTok-ers are skipping bouquets that die in just a few days and opting for pretty dried flowers (that’ll last so long!) instead.
Minimalist line art is such a fun and trendy way to add a lil pizzazz to your walls.
These gorg twisted candles deserve a spot on every single surface in your place. 
One of TikTok’s latest and greatest decor trends is giant chain links. Typically you’d have to spend a good chunk of change for one of these bad boys, but influencers have discovered this under-$30 pick from Amazon.
Neon signs are having a moment—probably because they make any room look super vibey with minimal effort.
A remote-controlled moon lamp is bound to make your home feel très romantic once the sun goes down. 
Yes, a tiny fridge for skincare (or some snax) counts as decor. I’ll be taking no questions at this time.
Throw a handful of flowers (faux or real!) in this curvaceous vase and wait for the compliments to pour in.
If you’re super into the dark academia aesthetic, grab a few vintage books to display on your bookshelf.
Clutter? Don’t know her. This pretty rattan storage bin makes it so easy to organize any room.


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