Abu Dhabi's Mubadala to Focus on Asia With Eye on China Recovery – Bloomberg

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Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the highest selling games of all time. It’s developer, CD Projekt Red, was seen as one of Poland’s most important companies. But inside the company, leadership pushed developers to get the game out for launch, hid the truth about how bad the game was, and ultimately had it returned by millions of people.
Reed Hastings Explains Why He’s Stepping Down as Netflix CEO in Blog Post
JPMorgan Leaves CEO Dimon’s Pay at $34.5 Million for 2022
Tight Supplies of Onion Rings Have One Restaurant CEO Nervous
Fed’s Brainard Favors High Rates for Some Time to Cool Inflation
Bond Traders Bet Big That Fed Policy Rate Hikes Stop Short of 5%
Ardern’s Shock Exit Leaves Weakened Labour Party Racing to Replace Star
Musk Oversaw Video That Exaggerated Tesla’s Self-Driving Capabilities
Twitter Sued by Unpaid Experts Hired for Legal Battle With Musk
Netflix’s Hastings Gives Up CEO Title; Peters Named Co-Chief
Texas Instruments Names COO Ilan to Succeed Templeton as CEO
McConnell Assures Against Financial Crisis With Debt-Limit Vow
UK’s Starmer Sends Clear Message at Davos: Britain Is ‘Open to Business’
Capital One Cuts More Than 1,100 Tech Jobs
What the US Debt-Ceiling Battle Means for Your Money
Alec Baldwin to Be Charged in Fatal Shooting on ‘Rust’ Set
LIV Golf Finds TV and Streaming Partner in Nexstar’s CW Network
India’s Judges Could Suffer the Same Fate as Israel’s
Modi Can Shrug Off Gandhi’s Populist Challenge, For Now
Jacinda Ardern’s Resignation Is the Ultimate Flex
CEOs Who Are All Talk and No Action on Inclusion Still Benefit
Tech Workers Talk About Getting Laid Off
Laid-Off Tech Workers Are Just What the Auto Industry Needs
Read the Supreme Court’s Investigation Into Who Leaked Abortion Opinion
Two London Districts Show Health Divide Between Rich and Poor
Colombia’s Halt to New Oil Contracts ‘Absolutely Urgent’
Study Reveals Little-Known Climate Cooler: Atmospheric Dust
In (and Above) Beverly Hills, Police Are Watching
Biden Revives Housing Rule That Trump Derided as ‘Abolishing the Suburbs’
The White House Is Considering Broad Actions to Expand Tenant Protections
The Global Legal Fallout of FTX (Podcast)
One of FTX’s Biggest Victims Could Be the Bahamas’ Finance Reputation
Ryan Salame Invested Big In A Small Town, Now It’s Tangled Up In FTX’s Fallout (Podcast)
Khaldoon Al Mubarak during a Bloomberg Television interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Jan. 18.

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Mubadala Investment Co. plans to focus on investments in Asia this year as China recovers from the pandemic faster-than-expected and India’s economy continues to grow. 


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