Student dies after a deadly mamba snake bit her in African classroom – USA TODAY

A 17-year-old student attending school in Zimbabwe reportedly died from the bite of a black mamba, one of the most dangerous snakes in Africa.
Melody Chipurtura was bitten on the thigh after returning to the classroom after some outside activity Thursday at Rushinga High School, The Herald-Zimbabwe reported.
Other students killed the snake after it attempted to bite another student, the outlet
Her father, Joseph Chiputura, a representative in the Rushinga District in northeast Zimbabwe, told The Herald-Zimbabwe his daughter was taken to the Rushinga Clinic 20 minutes after she was bitten.
“When we arrived at the clinic it was too late,” said Chiputura, who told the news outlet his daughter wanted to be a psychologist. “This is hard to accept and it is painful. I don’t understand how a snake can get into a classroom and bite my daughter.”
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The Herald-Zimbabwe quoted Themba Mangwiro, the deputy provincial education director, who said there was no tall grass around the school where the snake might have been. “We suspect that since the (students) were on the grounds doing sports the snake entered the classroom because it was quiet.”
The black mamba gets its name for the inside of its mouth, which is black. Its exterior ranges from gray to dark brown, according to Two drops of the mamba’s venom will kill most humans, the site said.
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