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Miss USA R'Bonney Gabriel na Miss Universe 2022
Miss USA R'Bonney Gabriel don win di crown to become Miss Universe 2022.
She receive di crown from India Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, who win am for 2021.
Beauty Queens from around di world bin gada for New Orleans, United States for di 71st Miss Universe contest on Sunday 15, January.
A total of 84 kontries bin dey represented as di contestants battle to win di crown.
Di pageant include personal statements, interviews, national costumes, and swimsuit and evening gown competitions.
Na one committee wey include 2010 Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete, musician Big Freedia, model Mara Martin, 1998 Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliam, actress and model Emily Austin, skin care entrepreneur Olivia Quido, host and journalist Myrka Dellanos, author and Roku vice president of marketing and merchandising Sweta Patel, Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan, and marketing executive Kathleen Ventrella select di final winner.
Before dem announce di winner dem bin narrow am down to Miss Venezuela, Miss Dominican Republic and Miss USA. Miss Venuezela come first runner up.
Dem bin crown Harnaaz Sandhu Miss Universe for di 70th Miss Universe Organization competition live for Eilat, Israel for December 2021 at di age of 21, her crowning take di crown back to India for di first time in 20 years.
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70th Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu
Television host and stylist Jeannie Mai Jenkins serve as di host for dis year Miss Universe Competition alongside Olivia Culpo, wey win Miss Universe for 2012.
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R'Bonney na eco-friendly fashion designer, model, and sewing instructor
According to di Miss Universe website, R'Bonney na eco-friendly fashion designer, model, and sewing instructor wey get excitement for life.
She say wen she dey grow up, she involve for arts, sports. She say all dis and her travels contribute to how she dey live life
As a high-school volleyball player wey move to fashion, she quickly fall in love with constructing designs with fabrics and textiles at di young age of 15. For di University of North Texas, she get a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design with a Minor in Fibers for 2018. She be currently CEO of her own sustainable clothing line, R'Bonney Nola.
R'Bonney na di lead sewing instructor for Magpies & Peacocks, one Houston based non-profit design house wey dey dedicated to using "Fashion As A Force For Good" through sustainability and community impact.
As "Gucci Changemakers" dem honor dem for dia work of diverting unwanted textiles and fabrics from landfills and turning dem into fashion collections. Within the "MAKR" program, she dey teach sewing classes to women wey don survive human trafficking and domestic violence.
As di first Filipino-American to win Miss USA, she dey share di importance of embracing your culture.
R'Bonney say her mission na for women and young girls to see demselves in her, and feel inspired to conquer dia goals by owning who dem be.
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