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Football is easily the most followed and played sport in the world with the FIFA World Cup being the most-watched global sports event. The love for the “beautiful game”, as it is called, is unparalleled in many countries. A video showing specially-abled men playing football is now going viral after it was posted on Twitter.
Santosh Singh, an IPS officer of the 2011 batch, posted the video on January 15 and it has received more than 39,000 views so far. The clip shows specially-abled men playing football on crutches. Their movement as they pass the ball and smash it into the back of the net is astonishing to watch.
The clip belongs to the World Amputee Football Federation. “Human spirit has no limits,” Singh wrote while sharing the video.
Watch the video below:
Human spirit has no limits pic.twitter.com/QyK6TjamvC
— Santosh Singh (@SantoshSinghIPS) January 15, 2023
“Totally love their energy,” commented a user. “That is incredible,” said another. “Fortune favours the
brave,” wrote a third.
The website of Para Football defines amputee football as an adapted format of football for players with an amputation or limb deficiency. The matches are played in a seven-a-side format on a 60×40 metre pitch. Outfield players can participate on elbow crutches and goalkeepers are single-arm deficient. The World Amputee Football Federation supports the development of amputee football around the globe.
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