‘Truly beautiful’: Barber shaves off his own hair in solidary with cancer patient. Makes netizens teary-eyed – The Indian Express

The fight against cancer is long and gruelling as one has to undergo many chemotherapy sessions. The people who are fighting such a disease need motivation from their family and friends to stay strong. In a wonderful act of solidarity, a barber shaved off his own hair along with a woman cancer patient who had come to get her head shaved.
A video showing the compassionate act of the barber was posted on Twitter by the popular page Good News Movement. The clip shows a woman with shoulder-length hair coming to the barber shop to get her head shaved. As the barber proceeds to cut the woman’s hair with a razor, the woman can’t stop the tears in her eyes. After he is done shaving her head, the barber gave the woman a hug.
And then, in an act that took the woman by surprise, the barber proceeded to cut his own hair as well. The woman stops the barber at first but he put his arm around her and proceeded to shave off his hair. “No one fights alone! He shaves off his own hair in solidarity with a cancer patient,” says the caption of the video.
Watch the video below:
No one fights alone!
He shaves off his own hair in solidarity with a cancer patient. pic.twitter.com/1sjLKKjnHO
— GoodNewsMovement (@GoodNewsMVT) January 15, 2023
Posted on January 15, the clip has amassed more than 9.1 million views and melted the hearts of netizens.
“It’s the way he holds her and comforts her that does it for me. Truly beautiful,” commented a user. “I’ve got something in my eye, give me a minute,” said another. “I have seen these before. But sometimes, the simplest gestures have the biggest impact,” expressed a third. “Amazing work done barber… He given lot of confidence to cancer patient,” posted another user. “This is the world I was proud to grow up in. We need more of this stuff,” another netizen appreciated.
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