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SHCC Attacks on Health Care
The section aligns with the definition of attacks on health care used by the Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (SHCC).
Burkina Faso
01 January 2023: In Touka-Bayel village, Seno province, Sahel region, a health worker, a pharmacist, two patients, and an IDP were kidnapped by suspected IS Sahel militants. The IDP managed to escape. Source: ACLED
03 January 2023: Between Outoum-Mossi and Guitti, Yatenga province, Nord region, a male nurse was kidnapped by suspected JNIM militants. Source: ACLED
04 January 2023: In Masbore village, Zondoma province, Nord region, a health centre was vandalised by suspected JNIM militants. Source: ACLED
06 January 2023: Between Taparko and Tougouri villages, Namentenga province, Centre-Nord region, medicine was seized during a bus search by suspected JNIM militants. Source: ACLED
29 December 2022: Update: Five MSF staff members facing detention and trial over accusations of complicity with secessionists were acquitted. Source: Doctors Without Borders
Democratic Republic of the Congo
30 December 2022: In Afoyorwoth, Ituri province, the Yilo Health Centre, a school and houses were set on fire and civilians attacked by CODECO fighters. Civilians, including health workers and patients of the health centre were displaced to Ndo as a result of the attack. Sources: ACLED and Bunia Actualité
Reported on 02 January 2023: In Munoli locality, Baswagha chieftancy, Lubero territory, North Kivu province, patients receiving care at the local health centre deserted the health structure due to nearby fighting between two rival militia factions. Source: Radio Moto
Reported on 02 January 2023: In North Kivu province, March 23 Movement (M23) members have reportedly looted several medical centres in the areas controlled by the rebel group in search of medical supplies. Source: Actualité
Reported on 06 January 2023: In Kabasha town, Beni territory, North Kivu province, the Kabasha hospital centre recommenced some of its health activities, nearly two months after it closed down due to an arson attack by suspected Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) militants on 08 November 2022. Source: Radio Moto
02 January 2023: In Marka-Coungo town, Koulikoro commune and region, an ambulance was seized in an attack on the town by JNIM militants aboard motorcycles. Civilian infrastructure was also set ablaze and five people including a teacher were killed. JNIM claimed responsibility. Source: ACLED
29 December 2022: In Oghara-eki town, Ethiope West LGA, Delta state, a male doctor was shot dead at his privately-owned clinic. The Nigerian Medical Association claimed that the doctor was killed by aggrieved relatives of a late patient, but the Delta state Police Command refuted the claim, instead saying that the act was carried out by suspected cultists who pretended to be patients before the murder. Sources: Daily Trust, Punch I and Punch II
As reported on 31 December 2022: Update: In Tumbum Allura and Kangar areas, Abadam LGA, Borno state, at least four captives, including an INGO health worker kidnapped by ISWAP fighters on 03 August, managed to escape from captivity and seek safety during fighting between ISWAP and Boko Haram militants. Source: Zagazola
Attacks on Health Care in Myanmar
For details on reported incidents between 28 December 2022 and 10 January 2023, please see this document.
Middle East North Africa
Occupied Palestinian Territories
30 December 2022: In Nablus city and governorate, West Bank, Israeli soldiers directly shot and critically wounded a paramedic who was attending to another wounded person. Source: Twitter
05 January 2023: Near Tekoa village, Hebron, West Bank, an ambulance driver was injured when Palestinian rioters threw stones toward passing settler vehicles. Source: ACLED
Syrian Arab Republic
13 December 2022: In Maariya village, Dara’a governorate, a pharmacist was shot and killed by gunmen. Source: ACLED
The Americas
05 January 2023: In Navolato city, Sinaloa state, two Red Cross ambulances were reportedly robbed by armed individuals from the Sinaloa Cartel to use them to attend to their injured members after recent clashes. Source: ACLED
As reported on 06 January 2023: In Culiacan city, Sinaloa state, cartel members showed up at local hospitals attempting to kidnap health workers to treat wounded fighters. Sources: TRACTerrorism and The Blaze
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Burkina Faso
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