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Spencer, Iowa 1:45pm  (KICD) — The Spencer Fire Department was dispatched just a few blocks from headquarters Sunday to a fire in an upstairs apartment.  The call came after noon, and smoke could be seen bellowing from open upstairs windows at 221 Grand Avenue and adjoining buildings.  Firefighters with breathing apparatus could be observed entering a stairwell leading to the upstairs apartments and the department aerial unit was positioned overhead.  Around 1:30pm Chief John Conyn directed a hole to be cut in the roof so water could be sprayed into the building from above.

The Everly fire department has now arrived at the scene as backup.
The owner of the building owns four storefronts in the 200 block and tells KICD News there are eight upstairs apartments.  It appears the fire might have started in the furthest North – which would be the building at 221.
Grand Avenue is currently blocked off with law enforcement officials directing traffic around the scene of the fire.

It is KICD’s policy not to interrupt emergency workers while they are actively engaged so  it is unlikely further details will be known until Sunday evening.


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