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People around the world often put messages in a bottle and then toss them in water, in the hope that these time capsules will be retrieved one day. Finding these bottles can be an oddly rewarding experience.
Earlier this month, Jeremy Weir, a retired school principal and amateur treasure hunter from the US’s Louisiana, found a beer bottle that has a handwritten note inside it. Weir found the bottle while he was rowing in the Pear River. When he opened the bottle that night, he found a note that was scribbled on the back of a 1983 calendar.
The note, dated June 4, 1983, said: “The finder of my mystery bottle, My name is David Blanks. I live in Jackson, Mississippi. I am 3 years old. If you find my bottle, please call me at (601) 956-5378 – call collect. Good luck and happy hunting! David.”

While the note was written in confident capital letters, the name ‘David’ at the end was written in what appeared to be a young kid’s hesitant handwriting.
Interestingly, when Weir called on the number mentioned in the old paper, they discovered that the landline phone was still being used by David Blanks’s parents. They then contacted David who was thrilled to find out that his old note was discovered. However, he did not have clear memories of throwing a message in the bottle as he was only three when the note was written. They later discovered that David had signed the letter with help of his elder cousin back in 1983. They threw the bottle near the city of Pearl River, which is much farther away from where it was found.
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