#Earthquake trends on Twitter as strong tremors hit Delhi-NCR – The Indian Express

People in Delhi-NCR were shaken Tuesday by tremors from a magnitude 5.8 earthquake with an epicentre in Nepal. The National Center for Seismology said the earthquake hit Nepal at 2.28 pm. So far, no damage to life or property has been reported in India.
Many people took to Twitter to talk about the strong tremors and soon, #earthquake began trending on the platform. People shared videos showing things moving around them.
Joking about the tremors, a Twitter user wrote, “#NowSinging Zor ka jhatka haaye zoron se laga #earthquake”. Another person wrote, “So used to earthquakes in Delhi that I just use it as the occasional sauna belt experience now.”
Me right now #earthquake pic.twitter.com/6YBAOhLXVc
— Ritikaaa 🌜 (@arrey_ritikaaa) January 24, 2023
The ground is shaking again.
Earthquake in Delhi/NCR#earthquake #delhincr #delhi pic.twitter.com/Eugk1Y5vqx
— Deepak Kushwaha (@KushwahaDK) January 24, 2023
So used to earthquakes in Delhi that I just use it as the occasional sauna belt experience now.
— Sayantan Ghosh (@sayantansunnyg) January 24, 2023
SRK wasn’t kidding when he said “kursi ki peti baandh lo, mausam bigadne wala hai”
#earthquake #pathaan pic.twitter.com/QwcxWUNgyI
— Prakriti Bhat (@slurpyfoodie) January 24, 2023
Felt the tremors of the #earthquake in Delhi. pic.twitter.com/xTIBi3oiqW
— roobina mongia (@roobinam) January 24, 2023
#NowSinging Zor ka jhatka haaye zoron se laga #earthquake
— Namrata Joshi (@Namrata_Joshi) January 24, 2023
Another Strong #Earthquake of Magnitude 5.8 hits Western #Nepal at 2:28pm
Strong tremors felt in #Uttarakhand & #UttarPradesh
Visuals from #Rudrapur (#Uttarakhand) pic.twitter.com/ET8tXqC6X5
— Weatherman Shubham (@shubhamtorres09) January 24, 2023
People running on twitter to confirm the #Earthquake felt across Delhi NCR… pic.twitter.com/H2xkHFyKzW
— Gaurav Rai (@IacGaurav) January 24, 2023
When #earthquake hits during Office time
People got time to smoke 🚬 and take a sip of tea ☕ pic.twitter.com/TLXaWjc9Vb
— Shalu Garg (@shalu27_garg) January 24, 2023
Delhi and the entire Himalayan region fall in the seismic risk zone IV and V and are highly susceptible to earthquakes of more than magnitude six. Dr Ajay Paul, an earthquake scientist at the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, said people who are indoors should place themselves under some sturdy furniture or push their back against an inside wall or archway when an earthquake strikes.
Paul says those outside should move to clear space and stay away from structures like buildings, bridges, and overhead power lines. He also suggests that establishments should ensure regular earthquake mock drills annually.
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