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By Nikki McCann Ramirez
Twitter has reinstated the account of white nationalist Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes. Fuentes was permanently banned from the platform in July 2021, and attempted to skirt the ban following Elon Musk’s October takeover of the social media platform. The decision to reinstate Fuentes is the latest digital pardon the billionaire has granted to extremist figures looking to re-establish themselves on Twitter. 
It appears that Elon has now reinstated the account of white nationalist leader Nick Fuentes.
Fuentes recently made headlines for dining at Mar-a-Lago with former President Donald Trump and Kanye West, now known as Ye. At the time, the rapper was fielding public backlash for a series of antisemitic statements. Fuentes and Ye would later appear on Alex Jones’ InfoWars, where they unleashed a new torrent of antisemitic tropes. During the interview, Ye lauded Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler while denying the Holocaust. Fuentes has since continued to publicly praise the genocidal leader responsible for the death of millions of Jewish people. 

Nick Fuentes is not even bothering to hide his adoration of Hitler these days: "'Hitler was a pedophile and kind of a pagan.' It's like, well, he was also really fucking cool. … This guy's awesome, this guy's cool."
Fuentes rose to prominence as a Trump superfan, attending the Charlottesville Unite The Right Rally in 2017. He went on to found the “America First Political Action Conference,” an effectively white nationalism-focused alternative to CPAC. Multiple members of Congress have attended the conference, including Reps. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.).
An avowed white supremacist, Fuentes has repeatedly called for the subjugation of influential Jewish people and the embrace of Christian nationalism in the United States. “If we’re going to make America great again, we’ve gotta talk about this anti-white thing that’s going on,” he said in February 2022. “We’ve got to make America a Christian nation again. And you can understand why influential Jewish people in conservative media are not really gung-ho about that. They’re not promoting white identity. They’re not promoting this.” 


In order to forward his ideology, Fuented has cultivated a devoted, cult-like following known as the Groypers. While the group characterizes itself as a Christian-conservative coalition, it’s followers regularly weaponize antisemitic and racist tropes against their targets. 
The return of extremist figures to Twitter has been a hallmark of Musk’s early tenure at the platform. He has granted near-blanket amnesty to prominent neo-Nazi’s, white nationalists, and conspiracy theorists.
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